How do I get Started?



The best place to start is to get in touch with a local club and come out to a game day and meet the players. To find your local club you can check out ASNZ(Airsoft New Zealand). Have a few games and find out if Airsoft is the sport for you. Many clubs are R18 due to the legal requirements for Airsoft weapon ownership, but contact them first to find out what their policies are. If you are in the Canterbury area you are always welcome to come out with us here at CSG, just check out events page here.



Once you know Airsoft is for you, it's time to start getting the gear. The biggest mistake new players make rushing out and buying a gun. Many new players make this mistake and end up with a lemon of a gun they are just not happy with. We go into more detail on where to get gear in the Where do I get gear? section of the site, however the best place to start is safety glasses. These will be the most important piece of gear you will ever buy, with out them you can't game. We recommend a sturdy set of impact resistant shooting glasses or builders glasses. Your next purchase should be a comfortable pair of boots, with good support especially for the ankles. Nothing will ruin your day of gaming faster than a sprained ankle or a nasty fall resulting in a broken rifle.


You will also want to join your local club and become a member of ASNZ, this means you can play with any ASNZ affiliated club through out New Zealand as well as attend events all over the country. Signing up with the ASNZ forums is also a good idea, here you will find information about events, equipment for sale, technical knowledge and just general stuff about the national community. Keep in mind when you sign up to the forums, your username will become your call sign, and what you are known as within your own club as well as nation wide.