What is Airsoft?



Airsoft is a military simulation sport in which players attempt to hit each other with bbs fired from replica firearms. Airsoft originated in Japan, but has seen a rise in world wide popularity particularly in the United States. It is played through out New Zealand with clubs on most major cities.


Airsoft weapons come in many different designs, from pistols to sniper rifles. Most commonly used are AEGs (Airsoft Electric Guns) powered by an electric gear box that cocks a piston against a spring, which when released forces air down the barrel firing the bb. They also come in gas powered and HPA systems. On the field guns are governed by fps (feet per second) limits to ensure the safety of all players, new guns to a field must be chronoed to ensure they are safe to be used. Many players carry a primary assault rifle style AEG with a gas pistol style secondary, however every player is different.


The replicas are fed from imitation magazines that hold the bb's until they are fed into the gun. These magazines come in three styles, real or low cap which contain the same number or bbs as their real counterpart, mid caps which tend to hold around 100 bbs and are spring fed, and high caps which can hold from the hundreds to the thousands of bbs and usually have a winding mechanism to feed the bbs. Magazine choice tends to be player based, although some events do enforce ammunition limits.


Airsoft weapons are considered firearms in New Zealand, and may be legally owned by any individual 16 years or older possessing a New Zealand firearms licence, or any individual 18 years of older. They should always be treated like a real firearm, whether you are at home, driving to a game or at the field. No one wants an AOS (Armed Offenders Squad) call out to deal with.