Where do I get Gear?



There are many places in New Zealand where you can buy Airsoft supplies, some cheaper than others. Here we will make some suggestions as to what and where to get gear.


But first, a warning. Many new players rush out and buy a gun from the closest place they can find. This is often a mistake, many players end up paying more than they needed to or even end up with a poor performing or broken gun. Your best bet for getting a gun is to talk to fellow club members, find out what they use and what they think of them. Many players will allow you to try their guns to get a feel for it and decide if it will really suit you. Once you have decided on a gun, your club will help you find the best place to get it, ensuring you have the best experience in Airsoft.



Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are the first item of gear you should consider buying. You cannot play without them. A sturdy pair of impact resistant glasses can be picked up fairly cheaply from places like:

If you are looking for something a little more tacticool, you can get some very cool styles from:




These are a very good second purchase, a good comfortable pair of boots can make a huge difference to your over all enjoyment of the sport. It's no fun if you are slipping and stumbling everywhere. You can pick up a good solid pair of boots all over the place, things to look for are grip, comfort and support particularly in the ankle. Some suggested places to buy are:

While you can often purchase these items online, it is recommended you go to a store and try on boots before buying them. Nothing worse than spending 6 hours in a pair of boots that are just a little bit off.




A well made set of camo is a great addition to your gear, you don't have to worry about it getting dirty, it's harder for other players to see you lurking, and they are usually made to withstand the punishment of a game. You can pick up a set of camo from:



Tactical Gear/Vests

It's hard to pull off that tacticool look, without a vest for all your magazines. There are many different styles, so check out what fellow players are using and what they think of them before purchasing. Once you have an idea of what you want, you can check out these places:



And finally, we come to the guns. There are many types of guns and many places to get them. As stated in the earlier warning, don't rush out to buy guns, talk to your club first to avoid disappointment. You can purchase guns in New Zealand from: