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  • About Airsoft

    A series of articles informing you about airsoft in New Zealand
    • Doc
      Established in 1994, Canterbury Softair Group (CSG) is one of Aotearoa New Zealand's oldest Airsoft clubs. 
      The club runs a day of outdoor airsofting every two weeks, playing a mix of close-quarters and larger, more complicated games through the day. 
      Aside from game days, the club travels to play games away from home. 
      With around 40 active members, CSG welcomes airsoft veterans, and those who want to give the sport a go. 
      CSG members enjoy access to club equipment and free passes to all events. They also become members of Airsoft New Zealand (ASNZ), the national body, allowing them to play games with any club in the country.

      Want to give airsoft a shot? Get in touch using the Contact Us section at the bottom of the website!

    • Here are our answers to the questions new players often ask.
      What is Airsoft?
      Airsoft is a sport where players attempt to hit each other by firing BBs from replica firearms. At CSG, we run outdoor military simulations (milsims), where players generally wear camouflage gear and army kit. Read a more in-depth description here.

      How do I get started?
      Check out our tips here.
      Does being shot hurt?
      Yes. More than a Nerf bullet, less than a paintball. Being shot by a BB is not without consequence: BBs can occasionally leave red spots and break skin. Eyewear is compulsory, and we recommend players buy mouth protection and gloves early into the sport. 
      Do I have to wear green?!
      CSG runs military simulation (milsim) games in forest areas. Our players tend to wear camouflage as it comes in useful in this environment. There are no rules around outfits, though, so where what makes you comfortable!
      Are there any codes of conduct I need to be aware of?
      We do not wear military uniforms in public. We’re just playing pretend - Imagine explaining to a passerby you’re off to have a glorified Nerf fight while dressed as a member of the armed forces…
      We also don’t carry our guns in public. Airsoft guns are often indistinguishable from their real counterparts, so treat them like real firearms. 
      You guys don’t play inside?
      Nope! If you’re wanting a go at indoor airsoft around Canterbury, try Zone 67!
      If you like outdoor airsoft, but can’t make our game days, get in touch with the team at TAG Airsoft.
      Is airsoft expensive?
      Airsoft is as expensive a hobby as you want it to be. Aside from glasses and basic protective gear (and a gun!), the way you kit up is up to you. If you’re looking to buy equipment, chat to our club members to make sure you’ll get something that lasts.
      I want to play! What do I do?
      Send us a message using the Contact Us section at the bottom of the website. We’ll get back to you and sort things for your first game.
      Do I need to bring anything?
      Safety glasses are mandatory. You’ll find something like these in most hardware stores.
      The club will lend you a gun for the first three games. You’ll be given a magazine of ammunition, and if you shoot through it all you can buy another bag for $20 on the day.
      Where can I get an airsoft gun?
      There are a few ways: trading sites in New Zealand, talking between clubs, buying in shops and buying from overseas. When buying first-hand, you’ll likely be asked to prove your affiliation to a club. The club can give permissions to members in instances like these.
      What are the rules?
      Check ‘em out here! 
      How do I stay up to date?
      If you become a CSG member, you have access to member-only features on our site, including forums and calendar events. We’ll make important announcements there, too!
      I have a different question…
      Message it to us using the Contact Us section at the bottom of the website.

    • General Safety

      By Doc, in About Airsoft,

      Safe Zone
      The Car Park is a Safe Zone. This is the only place where Safety Glasses may be removed. Magazines must not be in weapons while in the Safe Zone. A shooting range will be available from the Safe Zone for testing of weapons.
      Safety Glasses
      Safety Glasses must remain on at all times in the field. The only place where Safety Glasses may be removed is the Safe Zone.
      Clear and Safe
      When Clear and Safe is called on the field, all players must remove the magazines from their guns and fire 2-4 clearing shots in the rifle to ensure the chamber is clear. Please bear in mind you may need to fire the rifle upside down to ensure the chamber is clear.

    • If you’re new to airsoft, getting started can be a bit daunting. Here’s our advice.
      Just play a game
      Come join our CSG whanau for a game day. You’ll get 3 games on us; we’ll sort a gun for you, so you can come along and get into the sport before you decide to commit. 
      If you’ve decided you’d like to play a game, contact us via the section at the bottom of the website. Read the rules and requirements prior to game day so you’re fully prepared.
      Decide on what excites you
      There are a lot of ways you can approach airsoft. While safety glasses are compulsory, you can choose how else to kit yourself out. Do you want one signature gun, or lots of pistols? Want an army uniform, or something more unique? Need vest spaces for magazines, or want a trusty comms headset? The options are endless, so do some digging around and find what interests you.
      Get talking
      There’s a wide range of knowledge within our club, so pick our brains! Club members also have experience with buying kit, so know what to look for (and what to avoid!).
      Keep in touch
      If you decide to stay on with us and register as a member, create a profile on our website. You’ll get access to our forums which means more than one person can provide solutions or suggestions.
      Airsoft can be both exciting and overwhelming upon first discovery. At CSG, we’ll do all we can to make your experience with the sport memorable and fun. 
      Keen to give it a go? Message us using the Contact Us section at the bottom of the website!

    • What is Airsoft?

      By Doc, in About Airsoft,

      Airsoft is a sport where players attempt to hit each other by firing BBs from replica firearms. At CSG, we run outdoor military simulations (milsims), where players generally wear camouflage gear and army kit. 
      The first airsoft guns were created in 1970s Japan, and since then the sport has seen growth around the world. There are currently 11 airsoft clubs registered under ASNZ in New Zealand.
      Airsoft weapons are as diverse as the guns they replicate, but use different mechanisms (and ammo, of course!). Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs) are the most common type of airsoft gun, and use a thin battery to power an electric gear box. High-pressure air (HPA) and gas-powered guns also exist.
      Airsoft guns use small bullet balls (BBs) as their ammunition. Each BBs resembles the next and will differ only in weight. We source biodegradable BBs which completely decompose in the environment over two years. 
      BBs are fed to a gun via a spring-fed or wound mechanism in the gun’s magazine. Magazine capacity (cap) can range from low-cap (equivalent ammunition to what the real version of a gun would hold), mid-cap (holds around 100 BBs) and high-cap (hundreds to thousands of BBs).
      Airsoft weapons are considered firearms in Aotearoa New Zealand. They may be legally owned by anyone 16 years or older who possesses a New Zealand firearms licence, or anyone over 18.

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