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  • What is Airsoft?


    Airsoft is a sport where players attempt to hit each other by firing BBs from replica firearms. At CSG, we run outdoor military simulations (milsims), where players generally wear camouflage gear and army kit. 


    The first airsoft guns were created in 1970s Japan, and since then the sport has seen growth around the world. There are currently 11 airsoft clubs registered under ASNZ in New Zealand.


    Airsoft weapons are as diverse as the guns they replicate, but use different mechanisms (and ammo, of course!). Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs) are the most common type of airsoft gun, and use a thin battery to power an electric gear box. High-pressure air (HPA) and gas-powered guns also exist.


    Airsoft guns use small bullet balls (BBs) as their ammunition. Each BBs resembles the next and will differ only in weight. We source biodegradable BBs which completely decompose in the environment over two years. 


    BBs are fed to a gun via a spring-fed or wound mechanism in the gun’s magazine. Magazine capacity (cap) can range from low-cap (equivalent ammunition to what the real version of a gun would hold), mid-cap (holds around 100 BBs) and high-cap (hundreds to thousands of BBs).


    Airsoft weapons are considered firearms in Aotearoa New Zealand. They may be legally owned by anyone 16 years or older who possesses a New Zealand firearms licence, or anyone over 18.


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