Another Year, Another Great Hoki



Another Hoki has come and gone, and the wait begins for next years. A big thanks to Ohraz from CSG for organising the event and the Saturday games, and Joe from NAC for the Friday night game.

The photos are flooding in and can be found on the new ASNZ forums here, we also have a select few photos on our site in the Events gallery here. A big thanks to Spanky from NAC for these awesome photos. Also Spanky and Joe from NAC have created this great video:



We also wish to thank Nematode and BladeRunner from TAG, and Animal Mother and Kitten from CSG for their repair efforts on the Thursday and Friday before the event. These repairs will help keep the buildings from being torn apart by bored teenagers so we can continue to enjoy gaming in this great location. As you can see from the following picture, breaking in is a lot harder than just jumping through a broken window now.


And finally, we wish to thank everyone who attended. Without the support of the many New Zealand clubs who attend, we wouldn't be able to hold this great event every year. Hope to see you all back again next year.