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Airsoft hints and tips for beginners


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The following three points are examples of mistakes new airsofters make and how to avoid falling into the trap!


Keep your eyes open and look around. It's easy to get tunnel vision when you are pumped with adrenaline and desperate for that kill, but be aware, more experienced players will use your single-mindedness against you. Make sure you are not only aware of your current target's location but also their teammates, be sure to have a good look around and either watch your own back or have a teammate cover the flanks and rear of the patrol whilst you take point up front.

Communication is key. Make sure when you identify a target or take fire from somewhere you immediately inform your team of the direction and range of the target. Dead men tell no tales, if you get hit before you can tell your team where the incoming fire originates from you will have to watch in silence as they struggle, or you draw the attention of a marshall and get a rightful telling off. 

Avoid the temptation to run back to where you last got shot. Unless it is key to achieving the objective, this is a surefire way to get yourself hit again. Most experienced Airsoft skirmishers know that there's a high likelihood that the guy they just sent back to respawn will return for revenge. They will be expecting it. Don't give them an easy time, if you are going back to the same location head there via a different route, and expect that the enemy has relocated in preparation for your return. 

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