Hoki is over, but there is still plenty to come



After another great Hoki, many of you may be hanging up the boots and getting ready to settle into just weekly club games to tie you over until next year. But the year still has plenty to look forward to.

On April 9th we have stalker, a gritty post-apocalypse game being hosted by NAC at their Armageddon field. If you haven't made the trip yet, this is one worth attending, full details can be found here so check it out, sign up and start getting a costume together.

Later in April on the 24th TAG are hosting Operation Joint Guardian, a Milsim at their awesome field here in Christchurch. With limited ammunition, rolling objectives and a focus on squad play, this free event promises to be a great day out for all involved. Full details can be found here.

There will also be a return to Hoki later in the year for a Milsim event hosted by Ohraz to look forward to.


So sign up, get your gear ready and get out there to support our fellow clubs and make these events awesome.