Welcome our new committee of 2021.


Since 2016 Cake is STILL our beloved president. May his reign of terror last many more moons!


One of our clubs most valuable members Boggis is yet again our club secretary, thanks for always carrying around our club gear and guns not to mention take all our minutes. 


Again, a role that has been in Big Al's hands for some years, seeing as he hasn't moved to Switzerland with the clubs money, the club voted for Al to remain as club treasurer. He also has the unofficial role of motivating our president (usually by a kick up the bum!). Thanks again Big Al for all your behind the scenes work!

GENERAL COMMITTEE - Bishop, Scav, ATM, Vege, Thumbs, Wookie.

Some familiar names in the general committee lineup. We would like to welcome the committees "first timers" ATM and Thumbs, their new input will be valued in the coming months and very much look forward to working with them!


THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED and all hail your High Commander CAKE