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Found 5 results

  1. After a classified is set to "sold" is it possible to cancel that setting and relist without creating a new listing from scratch?
  2. How do I get notifications from the website on my phone?
  3. Just wondering what happens if I find a bug or am having issues doing something on the new website?
  4. Pretty much as the title. What do I need to put in my profile?
  5. The HDI or How Do I forum is based on a question and answer principle. You ask one question in the first post, answers are made as replies. Good answers are rated UP, bad answers are rated DOWN. The OP or STAFF can select the most appropriate answer or solution to the question. As a result, the trick is to make sure you only ask one question per topic, and don't hijack the thread with your own questions - use quote and make a new topic.
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